Vedauwoo to Happy Jack-
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    Vedauwoo to Happy Jack

    Hello to members of the IMW forum!

    I'll be campin up near Happy Jack next week with the fam and some friends. I decided that Vedauwoo would be good for everyone else that doesn't bike. If I camp at Vedauwoo...

    Is there a way to get to the HeadQuarters trailhead and on to Happy Jack from there?

    I know I can take the road, 707a, I think, but is there a more direct or funner route?

    Also, can you camp along FR 707? I'm not sure of the restrictions in the area.

    PMs or replies graciously accepted


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    You can camp pretty much wherever you want. There is some single track that will get you most of the way there, I can try to come up with a map that shows it later, though it is somewhat adventurous to follow at times, If I recall. Anyway you slice it, the area is laced with good riding, so its hard to go very wrong.


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    I connect HJ with BW and Vedawoo now and then when looking to make a decent length ride and this is about the best way I can think of right now, considering water issues.

    Enter the gate on the south east corner of the Turtle rock rock trail. Pass by the stream where families will be playing in the water. Shortly thereafter the trail splits, the TR trail goes left, you stay straight. Follow that for ~1/2 mile and then follow the trail downhill to the right. Cross the stream. Follow the trail (turns to 2-track) as it heads N, then E, then N again. Cross the stream to the left of the trail at an easy spot. Follow that singletrack NW to where it deadends at beaverponds. Cross the ponds on the sketchy boards and head north ~50 feet to the lower Blair trail.

    At this point you can turn either R or L. If you go right you'll go over some gnarly rocks, pass by some more beaver ponds and eventually take a left when the trail forks and will head up a big hill. At this point (taking the L fork) you can just follow the instructions on the Laramie Enduro webpage under "route" starting at mile 57.6 I believe, to get to the HQ trailhead.

    However, if you want to avoid excessive water/mud, I would take a left at the beginning of the last paragraph and follow the lower blair trail west. This trail is also wet, but should be alot better. Head west for a few miles. Cross a deep (but with little water) drainage and start head over a loose hill, then down and cross a second very shallow drainage. Head up another loose hill and on your right about 1/2 way up will be a trail (the regolith trail), take the right and follow the enduro directions from mile 60.4. The regolith trail is muddy and nasty too, but not as bad as the other route.

    This is a confusing mess, but hope it helps...
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    Thanks guys- I think I got a good plan of attack.

    headin out as soon as I get off of work.

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