While at work on Tuesday I was watching the RAIN fall and thinking "this is a SUCKY day." I had my bike out in the lot and thought it would have to stay there until I drove home, only to put it back in the garage.

Instead, lucky for me, I saw the clouds open up and the rain stop with a gentle breeze rolling in. I waited till work was done and saw it was still done raining. Called a buddy (not the person I hooked up with) and headed 3 miles up 8th St. to the motorcycle parking lot and unloaded my motorless cylcle.

I spent the next 30 minutes or so hooking up all the way down lower hulls. It was a blast! No dust, no mud, perfect grip and some sweet air in a couple spots.

I swear those foothills trails are the best to ride after a good rain. If I wasn't dressing up in a TUX this Saturday morning I would be getting my arse to Tamarack. If they got any of this rain their trails will be even better for a hook up.