Sorry for the spam folks, but my TR partner bailed on me and I'm having a bit of a tough time finding someone willing to take his place. I'm 31, male, and have a team registered for this August's TransRockies. I also have a non-technical support crew in place as well. All I'm missing is a teammate (race rules mandate a two-person team always within 2:00 of one another for safety reasons).

I'm looking for another rider who has been riding regularly, wants to try something new and big, and who is willing to put the hours in now and throughout the summer so that we can actually try and enjoy the experience come August. I'm under no delusions of trying to win a spot on the podium, but I would like to be prepared enough so as to not be in survival mode right from the start and to maybe even be amongst the upper middle of the pack.

More information can be found at The race is 8/12 to 8/18 and features roughly 350 miles and 40,000 feet of vert. The entry fee is $1700 CDN per person and includes meals, tent setup/teardown, a duffel bag for your kit. And, like I said, I have non-technical support lined up with a vehicle so we have room for extra gear.

Send me a PM if interested. I'm located about 30 minutes outside Seattle so getting in a training ride together before the race is not completely out of the question. Thanks for reading.