Thanks for the insider info everyone-
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    Thanks for the insider info everyone

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for trial info a couple of months ago. My friends and I just returned from your "hood" and found it outstanding. Here's a brief list of what we rode.

    Day 1 & 2 - Boise Foothills - Nice fast and flowy (three of us were waiting for late arrivals).
    Day 3 - McCall - 20 mile-Duck Lake- Very nice warm up ride with a nice mix of speed and techs.
    Day 4 - McCall- Victor Creek over to Loon Lake loop and out via Ruby Meadows- Extreme hika-bike start but downhill makes it worth it. Loon Lake-Chinook Campground-Ruby Meadows- Nice high speed finish.
    Day 5 - McCall- Bear Pete- Beautiful alpine ride with a really nice down at the end - Hit Burgdorf Hot Springs at the end. (Don't do the down if your rear brakes fail...I know how it feels)
    Day 6 - Stanley - (my bike was being repaired this day) The others did a modified Fisher Creek, up the dirt road and down to "The Meadows" and out to Robinson Bar Ranch.
    Day 7 - Stanley - My mates felt sorry for me and did a section of trail that they did the day before. Started from the Fourth of July trailhead went up and over to Ants Basin and continued back over to Robinson Bar again. This is an incredible ride! Massive scenics! The view of Ants Basin has just got to be seen, my words won't do it justice.
    Day 8 - Ketchum - Adam's Gulch area. Really nice and fast runs though the aspen and pine/fir
    Day 9 - Ketchum - Mahoney Creek/Imperial Gulch. Nice climbs with more high scenics at speed on the top.
    Day 10 - Sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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    Sounds perfect- you hit some of the best stuff around. There's still enough left for another trip too!

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    Wow...awesome trip you guys did. Any pix?

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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Save the ride-The Epics will be lost

    The rides you did will be lost if CEDRA passes.

    The Battle over the Boulder White Clouds has moved to the Senate.
    On September 27, Senator Larry Craig is holding a hearing on the bill in
    his subcommittee. He truly has not decided whether he will support the
    bill or not. Its future lies in his hands. We are going to swamp his
    office with emails and calls the week before the hearing--September 18-22.
    Remember you can call at night and leave a message
    Please take the time to either call him or e-mail and give him this simple
    message, "Say no to CIEDRA" give him your name and address and say thank

    208.342.7985 or [email protected] craig.senate. gov

    This battle is long for over and we have impressed the Senator with our
    polite opposition and our issues. Pass the word and get everyone you know
    to make a call or send an e-mail!

    This alert is mainly geared toward Idaho residents. And since
    Craig is the chairman, influencing him could have a huge effect.
    But... it sure wouldn't hurt to encourage others to contact their
    Senator(s), especially those who are on the Subcommittee on Public
    Lands and Forests.
    <http://energy. public/index. cfm?FuseActionfiltered= About.Subcommitt ee&Subcommittee_ ID=8>
    The committee members are:
    Republican Subcommittee Members
    Larry E. Craig (Chairman)
    Conrad Burns
    Craig Thomas
    James M. Talent
    Gordon Smith
    Lamar Alexander
    Lisa Murkowski
    George Allen
    Democratic Subcommittee Members
    Ron Wyden (Ranking Member)
    Daniel K. Akaka
    Byron L. Dorgan
    Tim Johnson
    Mary L. Landrieu
    Dianne Feinstein
    Maria Cantwell
    A brief message or talking points that help explain how CIEDRA would
    negatively impact mountain biking, and some other points (like level
    of protection already afforded by NRA status), would be good.

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    Thanks again,

    Here are a few shots that we took. We also had two helmet cams going and one handheld HI-Def video camera at various places. I'll try to post up a short helmet cam video once I've edited out the junk. The Hi-Def stuff, you'll just have to come out east to ride some roots and rocks and I'll give you a look see.


    PS. Please take up Howley on his effort to contact all the politicians about CIEDRA. We would really hate to see these primo areas closed to bikes. I already have.
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