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    Ten years ago this week ... (in Boise)

    <b>Effects of 1996 Foothills fire still felt</b>

    Ten years ago, the Foothills near 8th Street went up in flames threatening hundreds of homes, wiping out recreation trails, and reminding residents of the vulnerability of Boise's prized backdrop to fire, flood and erosion.

    The rest of the story:
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    I was still in Topeka then, but I remember my friend Mark calling me from here while he watched the foothills burning.


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    At the time this happened, I was still working at Crane Creek CC up in the Highlands, but I can't remember if I was actually working that day or had it off. What I do remember is the one of our assistant pros was running the shop and he said it was nuts up there. The helicopters were getting water out of our ponds. I also remember driving up onto Federal Way to get a good view of the fire at night and even though it was pretty destructive, it was an awesome sight to see.

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    I was in the foothills, riding, that day. It was my third or fourth ride in the foothills ever and maybe only my second mountain bike ride that summer. I was riding with the husband (Drew) of a gal my wife was clerking with, and who had moved over from Seattle and was looking for people to ride with. I remember leaving work downtown that day (it was 104 degrees and hotter than heck) and seeing the huge plume of smoke coming from the foothills. I'd only lived in Boise since May, and just thought "well, that's a lot of smoke." I honestly didn't think anything of it. I met Drew at his and his wife's apartment, off Straughn St. in the east end, and we took off towards the reserve. We rode up the reserve road, and started climbing the crestline connector trail. (I was a total newbie, so I was just following, figuring Drew knew what he was doing and where he was going.) We got about 1/3 of the way up (heading right towards the fire and smoke) when the people in the house just below the connector trail started yelling at us, telling us to get off the trail. (Smart thinking.) We sat there for a while and watched the tankers drop retardant on the fire - one, after the other. The planes were so close, it felt like you could touch them. The hillside just above us started taking on a nice, pink hue from the retardant. (Maybe the pilot should have dropped some on us, since we were "retarded" for being up there with the fire so close!) Anyway, we dropped back down the connector, and climbed up to the top of the reserve and watched the fire from there. As we finished our ride out Cottonwood Creek, I remember that I fell twice, and ended the ride completely bruised and scraped - but what a ride to remember!

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