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    Tamarack Conditions

    Went to Tamarack on Sunday with Crayfish and it was a good ride. Getting dusty up there. Went up on one of the coolest days of the week which was nice. Had a couple complications for the first time with my bike. The epoxy seal broke on my seatpost so my saddle was turning as I was. Did some runs down ESR, Smokejumper, Rockstar (not my day), Super G, Stagefright (I didn't try it but Crayfish almost sucessfully completed it) and other than that a nice drive up there with a nice ride.

    Suprisingly it was packed up there. Caught up with more people than ever while riding down. Thought about the lemon valet on smokejumper, but the landing seemed like a dust pit so I decided maybe the beginning of next season to try it. I'll wait for the ground to harden. Just thought I'd give you an update on the riding. Also that gap right before the section of table tops near the bottom is really smooth. So don't be afraid to hit it.

    myself riding the skinny off of the showlow and Azuleos intersection.
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    Crayfish riding down the beginning of Rockstar
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    Sorry about the quality, youtube messed it up. Have Fun!
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    Seqattle visit

    Thanks for the 411 I B.I will be staying in Donnely next week Aug 16 to 23rd. I plan on hitting Tamarack a couple of days and I hope to ride some other stuff in the area. I will be bringing my x/c and my f/r bikes. Have you got any sugestions on other rides. I like it rough, but I will have some family in tow so a buff ride will be in order also.

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