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    Wink A Suburban Adventure

    Well, with the rain and a huge list of domestic honey-do's laid out for me today, I knew the likelihood of any riding was slim. But around 4:15, the rain stopped, the sun shone, and there could be heard the faint sound of angels singing.

    So I quickly slipped on the tights, the jacket, the helmet with the headlamp on it, and headed out from my house on one of my two red hardtail mtnbikes. If I keep all this road riding up, I'll have to get a road bike, and learn how to act .

    Went East on Victory to Gowen Road, did a little off-road, urban action on the new road being built there, out Gowen for a ways, before it started sprinkling again. Looked West, and it was black, with the clouds streaking down to the ground. I might be stupid, but even I could figure what was coming. So I went off road, riding the track next to the New York Canal (lat least I think that was it).

    Before I knew it, it started raining buckets and hailing, <hard> so I bailed off the canal-bank around Maple Grove, got in a long line of traffic that was moving north very slow due to an around MG & Amity. By now I'm truly soaked, dripping, laughing and a little spaced by the constant pelting of hail on my helmet, and wondering how much adventure could I take? At a stop, Ieaned back and laughed, choosing to enjoy the elements to the full, as a cop directed traffic around a serious looking fender-bender.

    Book it hard west on amity to 5-Mile when I realize I have a rear flat. The gift of the ride that just keeps on giving. Pull under a tree, fumble my gloves off, get my CO2 to add about 30lbs to the rear tire, re-mount and book it hard tothe happy hacienda, just a mile from there. Tire survives more or less.

    Arrive soaked, chilled, be-draggled, but with that grin that says any ride is better than sitting on the couch getting fat -- or spinning with some geeks in a funkified dungeon.

    So there you have it. A ride. I guess.
    May your trails be narrow, crooked, lonesome and dangerous, leading to the most outrageous adventures. Paladin

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    it's the only time I get flats; riding in the rain.

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    I've been sick the past couple of days...combine that with the rain and working 3 nights at my parttime gig......I haven't been on my bike since last Friday. Ugh.

    Glad you got to get on your bike today. Hopefully next week I start recovering so I could get in at least one or two rides after work. I'll probably just stick to the Greenbelt for one of those rides.

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