Statewide Trail Maintenance by Motorcycle Trail Rangers-
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    Statewide Trail Maintenance by Motorcycle Trail Rangers

    I though this might be some useful information for a lot of people. These crews only work on trails open to motorcycles so bear that in mind when looking at the dates for each ranger district.

    This schedule changes yearly.

    Happy trails...

    The Trail Ranger program is in full swing after a couple of weeks of
    training, including their last shift.

    June 4-11 I took both the southwest and the roaming crews on the Mountain
    Home Ranger district to give them an idea what the expectations are for
    trail clearing. Over eight days the crews worked on the following trails.
    This list is short, but the focus was on more heavy maintenance than just

    William Pogue 122- The trail is cleared in its entire length of 13 miles.
    Several areas where the trail had sloughed or given away completely, were
    rebuilt, but more work still needs to be completed. The lower end just
    across the bridge where there is always a considerable amount of brush, is
    now cleared 4 on either side of the trail and throughout the length of the

    Corral Creek 129-Cleared, brushed and portions of the trail are now

    Sheep Mountain 123- Cleared six miles of a 9 mile trail to the snow line.
    Several water dips were installed to reduce erosion.

    Roaring River 45- Just 1 mile of the 8 mile trail is cleared as the guys
    found a lost person and took her back to safety.

    Browns Creek 48- all 9 miles cleared

    Haga 13- Four miles of the 8 mile trail is cleared from the middle fork of
    the Boise. This trail was a project trail for the trail rangers to brush
    the bottom of the trail and help with getting this trail up to a
    sustainable condition. Blasting on the lower end has not yet occurred, but
    should happen in the next couple of weeks. The delay has been the Fish
    biologists sign off and the loss of the old district ranger.

    Both Trail Ranger crews are currently out on shift. The roaming crew is
    working on the Weiser Ranger District and the SW crew is maintaining the
    Lowman Emmett stuff. When I bring up Lowman/Emmett I know there is question
    about Silver creek/ Bull Creek. The Emmett Ranger District will have Silver
    creek summit to Bull Creek open this year to motorcycles only. This is a
    change from the past where the trail was open to Motorcycles and ATVs then
    closed because of erosion. It is now open to motorcycles, horses, hiking
    and bicycling only and will remain that way.

    The next shift the Trail Rangers will be maintaining the Mountain Home
    Ranger District on the Trinities July 2-9 and Fairfield Ranger district

    The following dates are when each district will be cleared

    June 4--11 Mtn home/Idaho City June 4--11 Mtn home/Idaho City

    June 18--25 Lowman/Emmett June 18--25 Weiser

    July 2--9 Fairfield July 2--9 Mountain Home

    July 16-23 Idaho City July 16--23 Mountain Home

    Jul-Aug 30-6 McCall Jul-Aug 30--6 St Joe

    Aug 13-20 Council/New Meadows Aug 13--20 Clearwater

    Aug/Sept 27--3 McCall

    Sept 10--17 Stanley

    Sept/Oct 24--1 TBD

    Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
    Live to ride!
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    Great post with excellent a TVTMA member I can definatley say that many members spend countless hours clearing and maintaining trail for all to use.........many thanks to the individuals who volunteer their time each season.......

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