the following is an email response from Jay Dorr regarding trail conditions in Stanley

Many trails in the Stanley area have been snow free on the lower ends
quite awhile. Yesterday we had 4"+ of new snow. If the wearther stays
most of that should be gone in a couple days. We worked Williams Creek
Trail yesterday. There are still a few snow patches up high plus the
snow and snowing more while we were working. It should be melting of
today. We are planning on opening the Fisher Creek Loop/ Williams Creek
trails Friday. If you ride it or any other trails, please stay on the
and carry your bikes across any snow banks or wet trail sections to
making ruts.

One of the Wilderness folks worked thr trails to Hell Roaring and Bench
Lakes. we have not had a chance to get out to any other trails yet.
I expect the lower ends of most trails are snow free. I expect there
be quite a few trees down on any/ or all trails. Please lift your bikes
over the logs raather than damaging the vegetation and soils by riding
around down logs.
Have a great weekend.

Jay Dorr