Ok...well yeah I did have to push Big Raina up a couple of times on that initial climb from Rocky Canyon...big deal!!! I ain't got the legs and lungs of Earthpig!!!

Doc Jay and I had to blow off a week of job stress, so we wanted to do something a bit more challenging (for us) rather than the usual Military Reserve stuff.

We started at his house on the East End and then climbed up Shenandoah and then onto Rocky Canyon. Man Shenandoah was a bit of a grunt for me...errr well anything that goes "up" is a grunt for me on any bike!

Grunted up Rocky Canyon until we got to Three Bears where we took a short break. Good thing we got there when we did cuz we were losing sunlight. Like I said before, there were a couple of spots on that initial climb from Rocky Canyone where both of us had to hop off and push the bikes. Once we finally got to the top of the ridge, we breathed a big sigh of relief and headed down. By this time the sun was already setting behind the horizon, but we still had enough ambient light to make it all the way down to where it hooks up with the top of Shane's. We enjoyed a nice cruise down Shane's (as if you were doing it clockwise from the bottom).

When we got to where it hooks up with Central Ridge and Bucktail, we broke out our lights. I only had a Petzl LED headlamp that really wasn't all that great for riding. Too soft and flat....so I really couldn't make out features in the trail...so yeah I took it nice and slow heading down. We went down Central Ridge and then onto the Cottonwood Creek side of Ridgecrest. Then we took a right onto Toll Road and then back to Fort Boise and then back to Doc Jay's house.

A GREAT GREAT ride tonight! Perfect temps....a great workout. It took us 2 1/4 hours and are guesstimating that we put in at least 10 miles.

And I'm a firm believer in SportLegs!!! I have only gotten in a couple of rides since my crash, so tonight I was a bit concerned about how well I would hold up especially since last night I put together a group hike at Tablerock. Even though SS'ing works me over, I still felt pretty strong considering what has happened over the past couple of weeks.

Hopefully everyone else got in some great riding tonight as well!!!