Saturday morning, I set out to ride: Corrals, Scotts , 8 street to the Ridge Road over the summit and down Hardguys. However, the forest service had just plowed the Ridge Road. So starting a little past Scotts, up 8th street the road turned into 3 inches of very loose sand and dirt. Making pedaling almost impossible and not very much fun. When I got pasted by about 20 ATV's headed up the road. I bailed at the Trail 4 trailhead and rode Trail 4 over to Three Bears. At the top of Three Bears and the Curlew Connector, I ran into that nice new couple from Kansas. I showed them the way down to Fort Boise. The good news is that he got his bike back, it only costed him $80 from a pawn shop where the thiefs had pawn it. That just doesn't seam right! Having to pay to get your stolen bike back... Anyway, I think all the good riding is at Bogus these days where the trails are sweet and the air is clean. Thanks to everyone who put so time in on them.