Recommendation for Mountain biker and snowboarder house build-
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    Recommendation for Mountain biker and snowboarder house build

    Hey MTBR, I've had the longing to make a move to Wyoming and looking to gain insight from those who've made the move. Of course I could be hit by a big dose of reality and that'd be it end of it, but every journey starts with the first step and what a better place to do that than on MTBR.

    4.5 years ago, I made the leap and moved my family away from San Diego, CA to Sammamish, WA. It was an awesome move and we don't regret it one bit and I will miss the riding in WA a lot -- insanely good. Having made that move and learning more about what we want out of life, it has lead us on a discovery quest to find some land for light farming (maybe a pump track , and building solar if it's in the cards.

    Some things I'm interested in:
    - Areas close to an airport within 1.5 hr.
    - Good schools - I'll have middle and high schooler
    - Internet accessibility and plan on pursuing remote work
    - Good biking in summer and snowboarding in winter
    - Architect / builder Solar homes

    I'll likely make a trip in February to check out Targhee resort and do a little exploration. Would love to hear your stories and lessons learned.


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    You will want to look very closely at school offerings. IIRC, Idaho public schools are 49th in the nation. Of course this will vary by community. My best friends gave up their mountain town dream and moved to Boise for the duration just so their kids could go to a decent high school.

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    Laramie is home to University of Wyoming. Great spot for mountain biking and bc skiing. You have 3 different mountain ranges to chose from all within a short drive. Close to big cities for shopping like Denver or Fort Collins. Ive never snowboarded so I cant comment on the conditions for that.

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    Many people move to Teton Valley(Targhee)for various versions of your dream. The area is an awesome playground with tons of open space and great biking and skiing/snowboarding. On top of that people discover the rest of what makes this area great. You can do all that you mentioned and more, if you can afford the land.
    What makes people leave is the (stigma?) reputation of the public schools. Don’t get me wrong, my child will likely go to the public school in a few years and the high school seems to be improving faster than the primary schools. Unfortunately, this is a reason for some people moving away.
    We love it here and have no plans to leave. However, we’ll be evaluating as he gets older on the public schools. This is an awesome place with short growing seasons.

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    Laramie is actually a pretty nice town and the nearby mountains are great. Winters though, oof. My brother-in-law lives there. If you decide somewhere near there, get ready for wind. And blowing snow. And a bit more wind. It has a commuter airport - Denver is the closest major airport.

    Wyoming schools are actually rated pretty well. Better than Idaho certainly.

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    Idaho has a balanced budget amendment, we can't spend more than we bring in.
    Idaho is a state that you don't move to for social services. Idaho just doesn't offer them.
    So in a nut shell, if you want lower taxes and no services, idaho is great. if you don't mind paying more in taxes and want govt services, don't move to idaho. look at washington.

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    one thing about Idaho schools is that, Idaho is 66% public land. the counties do not have much of a tax base to tax to pay for schools. Most rural counties have so much federal land in them that can not be used for a taxable purpose that people move away.

    This is just one of the reason, some folks want to see federal lands turned back to the state. both sides of this issue have very valid points. I personally don't know where I stand on this.

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    Every time I go to Wyoming for work, it's windy. Every... Single... Time.... It's windier then Oklahoma for F sakes.

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