i went in REI in boise at lunch today (tuesday). They have a pair of Scarpa Magic AT Boots (womens), mondo size 25.5. just one pair..no box or anything. they're the yellow ones.last year's model. dynafit compatable, etc. i got my wife a pair last year. she's happy with them. more area days than BC days as we're both new to backcountry.

anyway, they were on the sale rack in the shoe section. the price was $330 or so, i think (retail is what, $560 on these boots). pretty good deal, and you get the REI satisfaction guarantee. pretty sure they had the thermoliners. and they were brand new. didn't look like the liners had been cooked.

would be a good deal for you ladies...or for you dudes to get for your ladies.

and, they still have ascension (BD) skins on sale. get your gear now.