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    OT... BSU art installation

    this is a lot OT, and pretty late information, but just so everyone knows, BSU purchased the Univeristy Inn, and they have allowed BSU art students, and local artists to modify some of the rooms for an art instalation project. My wife headed up an installation for the graphic design unit, through her typography class (class about letters, shapes and what not). If anyone is interested, the show will run from 6:00PM-11:00PM. I will be there most of the time, hanging around room 153. Hope everyone has a good safe weekend, and stay out of the snow.
    By the way, I spent three days at BSU this week for some work related training, and was very impressed with the amount of bikes running around the campus. (for the biking portion of the post)
    Later, Jarrod

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    '96 grad of BSU. I've had some FUN time at the University Inn back in the days. Suprsingly though...I've never ever gone into the Iron Gate. Go figure.

    But isn't all of the University Inn being torn down for the new COB? It'd suck to have all that artwork that is going in to be destroyed when demolition starts.

    Bike content:
    I lived in Chaffee my first semester and had a red SpecialED Hardrock. Bought it over at Ken's (GREAT SERVICE btw when I bought it). My roommate ended up getting a blue Stumpie from Ken's too. We use to ride up to Military Reserve and Camelsback without helmets . Sadly...some asswipe ended up stealing my damn bike. I had it locked to the racks with one of those wimpy chains and had a lock that was easily opened .

    Then I got a gold colored HR, but can't remember WTF happened to that.

    When I use to live at Pennsylvania & Parkcenter....I'd try to ride my bike (by this time...red Stumpie...NICE!) to campus as often as I could. Fun times. Man I miss living there .

    Oh yeah....one of my last semsters there I ended up taking a one credit mountain biking class that was taught by one of the Goffin brothers (furniture family). One day Ch. 7 came out and and did a segment of us for a now defunct outdoor show. I still have the tape. So how I looked back then. T-shirt stuffed into a pair of Pearl Izumi shorts and I wore underwear too (hey I didn't know).

    Good times....good times....


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    Yes, they do plan on tearing the Inn down, but atleast the comunity is getting something out of it first.
    I too owned, and still own a gold (well actually it is chanpagne) spec hard rock, that may see duty as a SS.

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