Night Rides this week?-
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    Night Rides this week?

    Anyone planning any night rides?
    I work most evenings, so night rides in the Mil Reserve area would really work well for me. Trouble is, I've never done any riding at night. I'd like to have someone with me when I venture out into the dark unknown. I get off at midnight on Fri-Sat and Sun, but anytime would work on Tues-Wed-Thurs. I'm fairly fit, but don't have much technical skill (htNEWB says it all).

    Also, Is a single 10W light enough to do this safely or do I need more? thanks

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    Well I was gonna type that I was gonna dink around MR Wednesday evening starting around 5:45pm and ride till about 7:30pm, but looking at my schedule, I will be going to the Idaho v BSU volleyball match at 7pm.

    I'm riding Friday evening as well (same time), if anyone would like to join a slow dude on a SS. Probably will only ride till 7:30/8pm though.

    On November 1st (depending on the weather), I am hoping to ride that evening as well (same start time and location) for 1-1.5 hours (BSU v Fresno State is that evening too!). Same for Friday, Nov. 3rd.

    Oh....I run a 10w NiteRider halogen both on my bars and helmet. They definately ain't jet landing lights, but they work for my kind of night riding. Yeah, I'd love to have something alot brighter, but most of my hard earned $ goes towards Jack Daniels and trampy hookers.

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