Well early last month I prodealed the VistaLight Nightstick 25. Usually with prodeals, companies are good at sending out an order within a couple of weeks. Well several weeks after I placed my order, I check on the status of it and it was cancelled. I don't remember canceling the order so I went ahead and reordered the lights. Went back last night to check...nada. So I canceled my order and then prodealed the Trail Rat 2.0 (for the bars) and Head Trip 3.0 (for the helmet) from Night Rider. Hopefully they are better at processing orders than VistaLight . I ended up spending more money, but I'm getting desperate to be up in the Foothills. I'm insanely jealous at some of the night riding some of you guys had been doing in recent weeks. I've been doing several Greenbelt night rides on my mountain bike cuz the CatEye light that I have is not good for trail riding. I much rather be on my bike riding outside instead of going to a Spinning class, but the damn Greenbelt gets old after a while especially when it's really chilly. I much rather be up in the Foothills.

Wish me luck!