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    MR Trails

    I have ridden three times at the MR, and am very happy, today I rode the same route I did Thursday, and did it stopping half as many times for brakes. I do not have a computer for my bike yet, but I rode for an hour, with alot of climbing. I think thats respectable for only my third time out in years. Thursday, I was passed by a female rider riding a trek fuel, and I tried to keep up with her, but she absolutly blew me away on a down hill section.
    I am thinking about trying to ride from MR over to 8th street trails, about how far is it, and how much of it is climbing? It seems like a good ride, and would lead me to try some new trails.

    By the way I am very glad to have found this forum, for without it, Im pretty sure I would not have gotten out to ride, and see such nice trails, and terain. Jarrod

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    From the edgo of MR, near where Mt Cove road turns to gravel there is a flat trail for about 1/2 mile that parallels the road. (It sounds like you may be more comfortable on something relatively easy for now) When you see it, take the turn off to the Left just before you get into the trees, cross the road and you will be on the hill billy driveway and you will see the trail climb a bit off to your Left again, take it. This is the connector that brings you up to the top of Kestrel (a bit of a grind). As you crest this, take a Right. From there you can choose to stay on the trail and go towards Sidewinder/top of Hulls or you can take the first Left down the long hill and this will lead you to eighth street.

    The best/easiest thing to do is by the Ridge to Rivers map, check out the Ridge to Rivers web site, or just explore.

    Good luck with the Barney Loop

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    Sounds likeyou want to take the Connector from MR up and over to Crestline. the Connector itself I think is about a mile, could be less, and it's a decent climb, but it gets over quick. After Mtn Cove(?the main road through MR, anyway) turns to dirt, and just a ways before the house on the left, is a jag to the left that is fairly sandy, easy to spot, and gets a little steep as it goes along the side of the hill, and that's your climb over to Crestline.

    If you want to sample half a doze close in 8th st-based rides that are put together in an easy loop, I run a ride formerly on Tues (now on Thursdays) nts at Camelsback where we meet at 645 and ride out at 7pm. Very easy pace, mostly new riders, and we have fun. You're welcome to join.

    If you want to be added to the rides email list, let me know at [email protected]

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    I Really Like MR

    especially coming back down Mountain Cove trail along Mountain Cove road toward the trailhead.

    If you come down the connector trail from Kestrel to MR, watch out for the deep sand toward the bottom of the first steep section. Many, many wrecks there, including me.


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