Most Excellent Tonight-
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    Most Excellent Tonight

    on the Barney Ride...

    Weather was gorgeous, sky was awesome. here's a couple shots before it started getting dark.

    Thanks to Fred for being 65 and still hitting it hard every week on the Barney rides.

    Thanks to Doug for falling in behind me on my early solo ride. Amazing how having somebody to talk with can take the tedious pain out of climbing.

    Saw two Mavericks within 2 minutes of each other, and that's unusual (C_B was one) And to top it all off, there was amazing trail courtesy over the almost 3hrs I was out n about.

    Good stuff.

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    I got in some Dork'ing the other night on the SS....

    Started at Fort Boise and then went around the Dog Crap Ponds and then up Eagle Ridge. Then down across Cottonwood Creek and then up Ridgecrest (man I hate climbing up that). Went up Central Ridge and then down Bucktail and down the other side of Ridgecrest and then onto Mtn. Cove Trail. Since I wanted just to ride a smidge longer I went up Toll Road and down Cottonwood and got dumped out at the culvert and then went around the Dog Crap Ponds again and back to Fort Boise.

    A great night to be out riding! Perfect temps, hardly anyone out there, I felt strong. It was all good.

    It's no secret that the Military Reserve area is my fave place to ride. I like the 8th Street/Camel's Butt area as well, but IMNSHO, I think there is more variety out at MR. Plus it is nowhere as crowded.

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    Sounds like fun everybody, with or without trail ettiquite. Wondering if I spelled that right. hmmm... I remember when I used to be a mountain biker, way back when.

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    ahh you're still a biker! I rode a bit with Steve Parrish then he had to go. I hooked up with Gary and Sarah Jo climbing up the freeway and we went up part of 4 and down Bobs, a good time.

    My front wheel is slightly (very slightly) loose with the maxle installed, I think it might be the hub spacers/converters for the Crossmaxes, not much can do

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    more pumper than biker these days?
    I just don't understand my wife....she thinks its nuts to ride when the temperature is in the 20's....go figure

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