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    Lincoln Loggers

    Lincoln Montana is home to a treasure trove of bicycle riding of every type asphault, country roads, double track and single track. Part of the Helena National Forest it seems to be the exception to public land closures. The eighteen year old girl at the forest service office in Lincoln told me that all the trails are available for bicycle riding, this may or may not be true but for sure there is a LOT of legal single track. Lincoln has lush cool deeply forested mountains in every direction from town. There is a lot of single track available to dirt bikes, hence also available to bicycles (get it?). There are numerous small clear mountain lakes, creeks and the Blackfoot river runs through it providing excellent kyaking, fishing, swimming and the snorkling is excellent (bring a wetsuit). Also this year is hot for Huckleberries and they should last until the end of August.

    Single track wise I can vouch for 482 which starts at reservoir lake, it's gorgous, these photos are from 482. 467 is a LONG piece of ridge top following single track which is in deeply forested lodgepole. It is possible to connect 467 to trail 440 through a few miles of forest roads. This trip would take you from Flesher Pass to Dalton Mountain via Granite Butte and would be a total of at least 25 miles. It would be a pleasant downhill ride on Forest Road 329 From Dalton Mountain into town. 418/417 to Stonewall Mountain looks good for folks who can pull a lot of altitude. It appears that 483 could be taken all the way to Echo Mountain which would be "epic" to say the least.

    That's just the tip of the iceburg, there is more forest service roads than you could ride in a lifetime, country roadies would enjoy Beaver Creek Road from Lincoln to Coopers Lake, at least thirty miles, and roadies who like climbing and descending should like highway 279. Stemple pass would be a fine destination for shuttle trips taking off in about four different directions. In three days of riding last week I did not see a single horse, hiker, biker or ATV. There were berry pickers on the sides of the road and wood cutters scattered around. Lincoln has a reputation for being ATV heavan but they seem to mostly like riding on the side of the highway from bar to bar. Speaking of bars they rock, not that I would know of course, the Wilderness Bar is the local home to The Green Coalition Of Gay Loggers For Jesus. Drink there or be square. Lots of camping and not too crowded.

    Being this close to Helena adds a big feather in the cap of Helena as a mountain biking destination. They already have the biggest thighed bikers around thanks to their from town trail system. Lincoln is the frosting on the cake. Thanks to the Helena Forest Service District for "sharing" public lands. Enjoy.
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    If you spend too much time in those woods you might end up with issues with the government and with a really foul BO.

    Nobody cares what kind of bike you ride.

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    After working there all summer in 2007 and 2008 I will agree with the huge potential for rides up there. I would just add that one should be careful of moose and griz. Did you see the size of the one that was killed when a truck hit it a couple years ago? They had it in the USFS office last year.

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    It's Lincoln's 800 pound Cuddle Bear

    You know TC there are those (of us) in Montana who view Kazinski as a kind of folk hero. It takes gall to blow up your thesis committee. The locals tried to commission a statue of him shooting his .22 straight up in the air at the jet liners going overhead at 30,000 feet. But some humorless do-gooders put the kabash on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidarnott
    It takes gall to blow up your thesis committee.
    A bit Off Topic, but you made me think about my nextdoor neighbor Fred:

    The guy helped me work on my truck a few times. Tragic.

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