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    I sure wish I had a Pugsley today....

    ....cuz instead of riding around Celebration Park...I was pushing the Yeti through ass-deep sand. Ok the sand wasn't ass-deep...but it sure as hell felt like it.

    My original plan was to ride from Celebration Park to Swan Falls and back. I've ridden and hiked on the south side before so I thought this would be easy on the northside. I don't know what route Laffeaux and his buddy took when they rode it, but I probably shoula did some better route planning.

    I took a non-motorized trail that headed east out of Celebration Park and it followed the river. It started out OK, but it got to the point where I had to hop off the bike and push it. And push I did. Alot.

    IIRC from the map....it looked like this trail did eventually hook up with the road that comes in from Swan Falls. But I was getting so frustrated that I took a trail that lead to Halverson Lake and I was hoping that it would be somewhat rideable. And it kinda somewhat was....definately more rideable than what I was originally on. I do wish it was hardpack though cuz there are a buttload of rocks that one could ride on....kinda like a poor man's Rock Island.

    Anyhoo I only managed to push my bike around for about 1.5 hours. While not the most successful ride I've had, it was nice to get out for a bit.

    I did manage to stop off at the White House in Marsing and got this....

    And so the journey begins:

    Another bike pose shot:

    I was hoping the trail was gonna be like this:

    I took the River Canyon Trail:

    HELLO sand, sand, and more sand!:

    At least the views were good:

    Hey another bike pose shot:

    More sand:

    Rocks, rocks, and more rocks:

    I just wish the trails were hardpack!:

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    That is the way I would describe my attempt at riding there except my tire went flat three times and then my dog got a cut on his foot and I had to carry him.
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    I Wish I Had A Pugsley

    I wish that hamburger was sitting right here on my dinner table

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    I remember quite a character-building sand slog out there. But this is still one of my favorite places. My wife and I even backpacked out to Halverson Lake in late fall one year. We camped among the rocks.

    Here's my Celebration Park Map that might help you to find some of the interesting things out there.


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