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    Hi Idaho Folks

    I was in Idaho in 2006 for my first (and last) organized guided trip with a popular mountain bike company. No complaints, we wanted to see what it was like and we had a fun time but everything they took us on, we did solo the following week and then some! We were in the Red Fish lake area and it was beautiful.
    I won't mention one of my favorite trails because I see some locals poo poo it and roll their eyes but when you are new in an area, ripping descents are a blast. Is FW still around? I heard there was a big fire there a few years ago.
    Anyway, I'm doing some research for another possible trip and was hoping you could make some trail suggestions.
    What is 4th of July/Ants Basin like? Little Basin? Elk Meadows? Are these good trails when you have a week to kill? What else would you suggest? I have vacation coming up first week of July and may head that way id plan I have right now fall through. Are trails open and clear right now?
    Any info. would be appreciated.
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    Just got back from a few days in Stanley. Fisher-Williams Creek Loop is open and riding great. Elk Meadows loop is open and riding great. Watch out for the creeks and mud bogs along elk meadows itself. Some can be bottomless. Trap Creek-Marten Lake-Swamp Creek Loop has a LOT of blowdown and wasnt open yet. Also 3 to 4 feet of snow on the upper end of the loop yet. We did it anyway for a nasty hike a bike. Hopefully it will be open in a couple/three weeks. Little Basin loop is fun when open. We didnt ride that one this time. Guessing will be blowdown and high water creek crossings yet. Due to the previous bug kill, lots of blow down in the Stanley area this year. Higher elevation north slope trails may still have snow on 4th weekend this year.

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    Little Casino and Frog lake...two of my faves...
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    I suspect the ants basin top is still snowed. Great ride though. Sun
    Valley side may be worth considering too.
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    Gotta agree with AlliKat - consider Sun Valley.
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    Or, for vastly more variety and overall trail mileage, consider Teton Valley and Jackson.
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