The greatest trail system that no one has ever heard of.....-
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    The greatest trail system that no one has ever heard of.....

    So, for over eight years my job had me living in Newcastle, Wyoming. There is some GREAT mountain biking in the Black Hills, but I needed something a shorter drive from home.

    After some research, I discovered the Osage Community Pasture near Osage, Wyoming. This is approximately half way between Upton and Newcastle on HWY 16. Within this hidden jem lies well over 120 miles of pure single track!! The majority of the property found in the pasture is part of the Thunder Basin National Grassland administered by the USFS. There is a little private, a little State Trust, but mostly Grassland.

    This trail is used heavily one time a year by the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit, usually the middle of June. Motorbikes ride the heck out of it this one day, then it sits idle for the rest of the year. After hundreds of hours on these trails, I encountered one motorcycle, one time. I never saw another mountain biker anywhere close to this place.

    Am I the only one who has ridden this? Miles upon miles of rolling fun and I'm the only guy using it? I just thought I would share this with the rest of you and hope that someone else out there has experienced the fun the Pasture can provide. If you're close to this place, it's worth the stop. You can have hours upon hours of riding the spiderweb of trails and not cross your tracks once.

    To get there: it is easiest to get off HWY 16 at Clay Spur (a few miles west of Osage) and head north. Once you cross the train tracks, approximately 100 yards later the road splits three ways. Take the middle two track to the corrals. Park there and start your way north on the two track. The single track crosses the road in dozens of places, you just need to decide where you want to pick it up and go explore.


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    Ive rode it many times during the rmec enduro and thought how cool it would be to ride it on my mt bike! Have you ran into any landowners or do you avoid those spots that are private?

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    What's the topography like? Tech? No Tech? You could always post the trails on Mtbproject or similar if you'd like a little company.

    It's always nice to know where to stop on a road trip.

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    At first when I saw Newcastle and I thought this post was going to be about the Flying V trails, which are literally the biggest waste of time I have ever stopped a car for and ridden, haha! I've never heard of it, but great to know about it now since I pop up to the Black Hills from Cheyenne about once a year for races and always like to ride on the way home somewhere! I agree with mapping it out on MTBProject

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    The trail system is a series of cattle trails tied together to form 120 miles of fun. The country side consists of rolling hills sage brush and ponderosa hills with no giant climbs, some really good riding down dry creek beds. There is a little bit of rock with a few downed trees thrown in, most of it is rolling single track with a little technical just to make it interesting.

    Here is a video on YouTube that gives you an idea of what the trail is like. Start at about minute is generally not so tore up and it seems these guys seem to have a hard time staying on the trail but you get the picture.

    Several years ago, there was a good map of this area but after calling the USFS and Wyoming State Parks, nobody can seem to find it. I have not called to see the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit but will send them an email to see if they will share.

    There are three big landowners whose property you will ride across. They are the Perino's, Tavegia's and Arledge's. The community pasture is a free for all (lots of small private chunks mixed in with large pieces of public land) and not fenced along property boundaries so knowing whose place you are on is tough without a GPS. I talked about using my mountain bike on the trail with each of them several years ago and they all said they are cool with it as long as you're respectful. Interesting side note, when I asked Matt Perino about riding out there, he told me the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit (who has raced on his property for a number of years) has never asked him for permission! He was kind of pissed, and rightly so after you see what 200 motor bikes can do when it is wet. I wonder if this has changed?

    I have never been out there in the winter on a fat bike. If I get a chance I'll give it a whirl and will post some photos. I'll also check out the MTB project and maybe will take my GPS if I can figure it out.

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