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    Glasgow, Mt

    I may be doing a couple weeks in Glasgow. should I bring my bike? I have no idea if there is anything around good to ride?

    Could just take my road bike.


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    Glass Cow

    Glasgow Montana is the Portal to the CMR wildlife refuge and it's associated four million acre buffer zone of BLM lands. The largest wilderness in the USA. It's my favorite place to ride. The CMR is south of Glasgow. There is no singletrack, it's all dirt roads or double track. What they call the Missouri river "breaks", they are like fifteen hundred foot upside down mountain ranges. My favorite trip from Glasgow is called "the pines", which is a very nice camping spot. Most people who visit are fisher people and hunters. This is because the refuge is crawling with every critter in north america not the least huge herds of branch antlered elk loping across the prairie like huge fifty mile an hour catter pillars. Check out NWR 333 and NWR 442 next to the pines. The biggest problem with the refuge is the roads are all bentonite or clay and if it rains hard enough you can't walk in the stuff let alone ride or drive the bigggest mud boggger in IdaKnow. You just have to wait. No cell service television internet porn corn born horn for lorn. Stay Away from Hell Hole Coulee. It's haunted by murdered Indian women and children. The US army slaughtered them after gang raping them in revenge of custer. Yesterday the US military began a trial in Guantanamo bay of a fifteen year old child that they have been torturing for some eight years now. Custer had a really really tiny weenie. The US military is a collection of cowards. And has been for a long long time now. ANYHOO!!! Another good spot is where 191 crosses the Missouri river at the Fred Robinson Bridge. The roads off the south side there are very scenic. 301, 303, 203,204,205 are some of the best down hill drops I ever rode in my life. Nice camping there. The only person I ever knew that rode the CMR was Nathan Bay. It made him tired and he completed the GDR single speed. Also he jumped off of Barnard Butte. On a Schwinnn. It's a great place to do drugs and lots of them. LSD on the lake shore is recommmended but I do prefer Mescaline up on the rim. Reeefer is always nice no mattter where that you are and let's not forget beeer!!! Bring lots of beeer!!! I'll say this threee times. Stay Out Of Hell Hole Coulee. Especially if you are white. It's got more ratttle snakes per square kilometer than Boise has fags. I stole an old six inch spike there and it ruined my life the vibration was so bad. Now I can't type any more. How big is the CMR? I dedicated my life to riding all of the roads there on a Honda XR650R and after five years of hard labor. Eleventy Two times getting completely lost (I WAS stoned) and one near death experience. I knocked out maybe three eighths of the monster. I met some REALLLY strange people out there on 341. Sociallly this is the most disturbed part of the USA. And the USA is the most sociallly disturbed part of the planet. And the planet is the most sociallly disturbed part of the solar system. They put up signs that say they will shooot hunters. HA! Dude I'm not even baked yet. It's too early. Just you wait.

    Oh Wait I Am Not Through Yet
    I Have Yet To Touch My Buttocks (John Usher)

    Honey would you get my pills? I'm working! Off Topic. Again. Another completely retarded post by davidarnott. You can wear a dress riding in the CMR because there is nobody else there. Ever. Then during hunting season it's invaded by ATV's and airplanes chasing them around with video cameras. Just stay out during hunting season. You'll thank me. Then when the slaughter is over you can come back again. Alone Again. Naturallly.

    Hidaway Coullee. This is where the most famous outlaws in western history drank whiskey played cards and screwed cyotes (sic). It's got a great party vibe. There is buried treasure near Hideaway Coullee. Watch the movie Missouri Breaks. That'll learn ya. Dangers. Buffalo wolves. Everybody thinks they are extinct. Ha. six feet tall. Five hundred pounds. Four inch teeth. Three times a lady. They don't attack people. They just follow them around all day and then terrrify them to death at night with their howling. Vipers. Millions and millions of vipers and they like BLM toilets the most. Look down the hole of any BLM shittter and there is a swirming masss of freakin vipers. Wild Injuns. Still abound and are they ever pisssed. Stupid drunk ignorant arrogant "cowboys" who eat fully hydrogenated corn poop on their genetically modified toast run their cattle there which makes for easy pickins at dinner time. Also if you are short of cash just strap one on top of the van and the slaughter house will be glad to give you a grant or two. These creeepy jerks hate buffalo above all things and that should tell you a thing or two about easter montana retards. But I digress. Don't ride out there. Nobody else does and you wouldn't want to be a non con for mist. Check out Glasgow's right wing racist radio station. KLAN. They keep the locals "educated". I have a LOT more to say about Glasgow but the little woman is calling me and I have duties to ejaculate, I mean, discharge.

    happy trails
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