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    Fall/Winter Riding in Boise Foothills

    I have never been riding in fall/winter in the Boise area. How late season can I get out and does anyone have a clothing recommendation. I am just getting back into game so I only have summer gear. So I am looking to get colder weather stuff. I just got some leg warmers (fantastic deal) and some full finger gloves (non insulated and not windproof). Any ideas helps. Also I am on tight budget so nothing to expensive. Thanks.

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    Realistically, you can ride all year quite easily. The biggest factor is often the trail conditions. It is best when trails are dry or frozen. Often, you have to be particular in the time of day or the trails that you choose.

    Likewise, the temps can often range from the 20's to the 50's. Dressing in layers is a must. I like to always have two pairs of gloves. My mountain biking gloves for the up hill when I sweat and a pair of winter gloves for the down hill. I typically wear varying thickness of wool socks and riding tights. Base layer is a must, then any others of your preference with an outer layer/jacket that is wind/rain proof. It always takes me a ride or two to get things dialed in as far as the temp and intensity/distance of a ride. You will just have to experiment a bit.

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    Agreed. The lower foothills are rideable most of the year. While the first couple of days after a "heavy" snowfall might be tough, there's enough hikers and fatbikers that the trails will get packed down enough to ride.
    As for clothing- get thee to an Idaho Youth Ranch thrift store. Pendleton/Woolrich wool shirts and thin wool sweaters work well, if you don't mind the dirtbag look (which I don't...)

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    Boise riding is year around. Even spring thaw is good if you go early.
    For winter, just wear some long johns under your levis and get a cheap pair of wind pants. Winter ski gloves if nothing else. Balaclava, jacket and some heavy socks in bread bag and you're good to go.
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    Also, if you're riding during the week before or after work, get some decent lights. LED's are relatively inexpensive these days for 1,000 lumens.

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