We headed to the Empire Trails in Spirit Lake, ID yesterday with the intent of more fully exploring the newer trails on the north side. When we got to the parking area we were shocked to see that it had all been logged and was a mess. The north side of the road where the newer trails are had also been logged. There were two other guys there getting ready to ride and they were as perplexed as we were. They had scouted the north side trail enough to realize that it was no longer there. I was shocked because they just finished those up last summer. I realize this is owned by a logging/paper company and logging is part of the deal, but it looks like they put no effort into sparing the trails.

Does anyone know anything more about this and if they plan to rebuild those trails? I feel bad for whoever built them in the first place...that's a lot of wasted effort. Even if they do rebuild them I can't imagine that the aesthetic of riding through a ravaged looking logged area will be the nicest experience.