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    Boise Guide Service?

    Coming into Boise in early August for a meeting. Won't have a car but a willing spirit to ride for 4-5 hours in the middle of the day.

    1. Will weather be conducive to a mid day ride?
    2. Recommendations for a guide that can provide bike/transportation and guiding?

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    Check out these guys. There's another shuttle service in town that new, but I don't recall their name.

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    1,665 is the new one, mid day might be too hot depending on the day, but not as bad up high if you use a shuttle service

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    Mid day riding up at Bogus Basin would be doable, 15 degrees cooler and trails have some sun cover. The lower foothills near town though, itís going to be real hot mid day in August and the trails have no cover at all.

    The two Bogus shuttles in town have already been posted. Hit one of those up and enjoy!

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    get a shuttle up to bogus, do around the mountain and back up to the ridge road, come down mahalo and dry creek up to hard guy and highlands or carrals and back to camelsbak park... this is around 35 mile ride and around 3k climbing and 6 or 7k down

    you can skip around the mountain and shave ~10miles

    look at the maps at boisetrails or ridgetorivers

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