Boise Foothills in Miniature-
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    Boise Foothills in Miniature

    Just fer kicks n grins...

    I donít know how these will show up on the web but I figured it was worth a try.

    I got some new 3D software that I'm working with and I made some synthetic foothills by draping aerial photographs on an exaggerated topography. The most popular singletrack is particularly prominent; the good stuff (not shown) is hard to see though. Iíve made some videos of simulated rides but they are huge (10ís of MB) and itís difficult to see the details. Imagine bombing down HardGuyFastGuy is 30 seconds!

    One: Where Hulls Gulch leaves 8th Street. You can see Red Sands and Kestrel at lower center

    Two: Upper Hulls. You can see the freeway coming in from the right and Hulls ridge in the center left. Trail 5 is near the right skyline.

    Three: Kralls where it leaves 8th. You can see the 4WD scars (i.e., "the racetrack") and the start of Bobs (the tight turn)

    Four: Where Bobs meets the golf course, 8th St at upper right.
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    That's awesome!!! You should sell this to the Ridge to Rivers folks (for their maps) or to the author of the next mtb'ing in Boise book.

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    Very Cool.

    And I agree with Belay Slave - much more descriptive/evocative than the Ridge to Rivers maps.

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