Chad Dryden of the Thrive/Idaho Statesman is looking for folks to talk to about the BBS. This is the link that was in the Idaho Outdoors Yahoo! Group:



Guess I'll just copy and paste his post....

Hey folks,

I'm putting together a story for Thrive on the Boise Bike Swap and I was hoping
to talk to some bike swap vets for this year's event.

Aside from making the article a general preview of the event, I also want to
include a "Boise Bike Swap tips" element, with info from people willing to share
their tips for how to score the good gear, what time to go, etc.

Anyone interested on talking early next week, please shoot me an email.

Chad Dryden, Staff Writer
Thrive/The Idaho Statesman
1200 N. Curtis Road
Boise, ID 83706
[email protected]