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    Boise Area Ride

    I just got into riding and am looking for some good areas to ride with some trails at the beginner level although I'm a fast learner and ready to shred. My wife has no chance of keeping up with me and it would be nice to have some fellow riding buddies to rip up some trails =D

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    I would give the Eagle Bike Park a try first. There is a lot of variety there without much climbing. It's a good place to ride with people of different abilities. Just steer clear of the bigger drops (Stormin Mormon) till your ready.
    In the Boise foothills, I would try Buck Tail and progress to Shanes if you are looking for more climbing. The foothills trails are not very technically difficult, but most require a lot of climbing and will test your fitness.
    Ridge to Rivers has lots of information on their site and the new Boise Trails site is also a good source of info.

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    some suggestions

    from camelsbak park

    up kestrel, crestline, sidewinder and back, ~8 miles little over 1000ft of climbing

    can to the same but adding red cliffs, can do a short loop by coming down red cliffs after crestline instead of climbing all the way up sidewinder, both ways work, can climb red cliffs and down crestline for a shorter loop

    from military reserve

    do loops on cottonwood creek, mountain cove, ridge crest, central ridge, bucktrail.

    like said add shane / three bears if you want more climbing, loop is probably easier if done counter clock

    I wouldn't try to climb: freestone ridge, 3 bears (going up from shanes loop above instead of back down 3 bears) or trail 4 motorcycle trail

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    For riding partners, try Meetup. Not much posted now, but that should change as the weather improves.
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone =D

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