Bogus Basin freeride trail plea......please replace your divots-
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    Bogus Basin freeride trail plea......please replace your divots

    OK, I haven't posted in a year and still suffer from the flame burns when I did this last, but my good friend Lonbalz and I were up at the Bogus freeride trail this evening and it looked like a small division of Panzers had been through. Wood slats missing, tons of folks riding over the lips of launches and landers......just general carnage. Thankfully, we both always make a habit of walking the trail, so we were able to fix the truly dangerous damage and still ride the thing.

    The point of this post is just to ask those of you who are riding up there to replace your damage so other folks who don't happen to fully inspect the trail don't end up in the hospital due to your carnage. Is awesome that folks are trying things out up there but if you happen to fall off stuff/slam in to wood landers and wood is removed as a result, please either replace the wood or at least put a cross up on the entrance to the feature (plenty of wood lying around) so folks are made aware of the impending danger.

    Also, and I know this was a major point of contention last year when I brought this up but I feel compelled to do it again (I am a very slow learner), if you don't feel confident enough to attempt features on the trail, please just pick up your bike and walk around. Those folks who are riding over the stuff are destroying launches and landers and making the place look like.......well......look like Poland.......not to mention making the stuff un-hittable.

    Thanks much for your cooperation.


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    thanks jim...

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions if they damage it. For those who DON'T feel confident with the BBFR trails there are some new skills areas going in at the bike park/velodrome in Eagle. Go ride those first, put some work into building them and take some ownership in the trails you build so if you do damage them, you can also know how to rebuild them

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    Very good posts

    Both posts are great examples of how to communicate on these forums. I would go so far to say that this thread is 'flame proof'

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    Is there going to be a work day up there any time soon ????
    By not allowing the progression of trails your cheating everyone out of their potential.

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