Foothills Advocates for Shared Trails (FAST) is sponsoring the bike corral at this year's Hyde Park Street Fair. The Bike Corral is valet bike parking for fair attendees. Around 1200 people took advantage of the service last year and this gives us a great opportunity to talk to folks and give out trail etiquette literature.

The shifts, and where we need help, are listed below. Dates are Sept 18,19 and 20.

Bike Corral Volunteer Schedule:


5-7:30pm Leslie Tengelson, Leo Hennessey, Rich Gardunia
7:30-10pm - Lauri Thompson, Cynthia Gibson, Susan Marston


10am-2pm, Marianne Konvalinka, Ginger Jansik, 1 more
2-6pm, Rich Gardunia, Cymry Reed, Bob McLaughlin
6-10pm - David Gordon, need 1-2 more

10am-2pm - Terry Floyd, need 2 more
2pm-6pm, need 2-3

To volunteer, email sheri at [email protected] with your preferred shift & cell number.