I might be camping there with in-laws for a long weekend this summer and will be riding a geared steed instead of practicing my social skills. It looks like I'll either be south of Pburg or going in from Sula.

So I'm looking for some trail beta. Yeah, I know - the good stuff is in the AP Wilderness - but there has to be some goods in the surround forest. I'm not looking for some little local loops - I did all those 15 years ago. I want the in-your-face shiznit. All day Chamois Butt'r mashing with heinous lactate acid threshold thrashing. Guaranteed mechanicals, blood and guts, hang it all out on the trail, bone up or be boned stuff. You know - happy-fun good times.

Either that or I'll spend all day on logging roads on my CX bike and spread the word the Montana is closed to anything requiring suspension.

PM me if you don't what to publicize the goods, I'll return the fave with some Idaho beta. Or post up here and let's get more riders in the woods.