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    America's Great Outdoors Intiative

    Back in April, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum to create the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, charging the Environmental Protection Agency, the Council for Environmental Quality and the Interior and Agricultural Departments with promoting conservation and outdoor recreation. In the Memorandum, Obama designated three main functions of the Initiative: Outreach to the public—particularly young Americans—by way of several listening sessions, coordination of efforts between the EPA, CEQ, the Departments of Agriculture and Interior and several other federal agencies and, third, reporting of the findings back to Obama by November 15th, 2010. In plain English, the President told these agencies to go hear what the people had to say about conservation, “align policies” within the various agencies and then report back to him with the results.

    So they created a website since there is no session in Boise:

    And people have been posting ideas, some of which aren't very friendly to bikes:

    Check my idea out and vote for it if you like:
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    Umm...the initial comment was posted by Vandeham, a known hater of all things MTB.
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    wow. that is a rat hole.... There seems to be a ton of OHV people on that site. People either are pushing for reasonable, multi use, anti-wilderness management or they are hikers and want it all for themselves.
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    Nice Work Cook! Thanks for posting this.

    I personally live to mountain bike, but I also hike, ride dirt bikes, and kayak. I think that reasonable compromise is the only solution for access to public lands....last time I looked, this was supposed to be a Democracy 'round here.

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    ^^^ yeep, I have enjoyed nearly every aspect of the great outdoors, and hopefully will enjoy more in the future, tired of people who rarely use nature telling us who do what we can or cannot do. And why the hell is it the hikers who want everything cut off to the rest of the world, are the ones who need nice trails and bridges? Gimme a game trail and a log laying across the creek and IM good to go

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