After School Ride at Willow Lane-
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    After School Ride at Willow Lane

    Today, Jared and I went and rode Willow for a few hours, and then did Ussery. We had lots of fun, and really stepped it up by the time we left. I really wish I had gotten more pictures of myself out of the session, but we were having so much fun we really didn't give a crap about the pictures. Still, a sequence of two is on the way soon... I was going to get some pictures from Ussery, but I was shooting film, and I was OUT. I really wanted to hit the road gap too, but I could not get a 30 second break in the wind.

    Well, here they are...
    This is me no-footering(my favorite trick ) the 13ish foot gap.

    Once again, me no-footering the 13ish foot gap. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I think that may have been one of the times the wind got me. But being asymetrical is cool, right?

    Ok, before anything else is said, I want you guys to know a bit about Jared. He is not a subway guy. He just recently got his mountain bike, and it took him a while to get used to the dirt jumping idea. He had never actually hit a set of dirt jumps. That did not stop him. Although in most aspects, I am a better rider than him, this kid has mad style. He does a madly stylish whip almost every jump, and I think soon, he'll be throwing down some seriously sweet stuff.
    This is what he's about:

    Or maybe this is...

    Or quite possibly, this is... Ok, for sure it is...

    And finally, for your viewing pleasure:

    All in all, it was an amazingly fun session, and I plan on the two of us really stepping up the level of our riding in the future.

    So post up comments, and all that good stuff...

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    Way to not smack down your testical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombin4X
    Way to not smack down your testical.
    This time at least...

    Oh, yeah, Jared lives by us too. So actually we've got a few good riders on the SW side of town.

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    Nice...I shouldve come...stupid drivers training...
    Quote Originally Posted by trevor
    Either ive got a lot of mud on my tire, or i'm hauling Kenne's ego

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    Yeah, you should have. We would have convinced you to do some stuff way beynd your skill level... But that would have been a good thing, because that's the fastest way to progress and become a better rider.

    Anyways, I think we'll be doing another next Wednesday, so anyone who can make it is more than welcome to come and check out the young guns.

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