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    5pm, 5-Mile trail....Brrrrr!

    Couldn't help but think of the Knight Ridders leaving at 8pm. The wind was making me chilled halfway up 5-Mile; the sun was out and I was underdressed it seems.

    Am I officially the first to complain about how cold it is, and how I can't wait for summer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by westin
    Am I officially the first to complain about how cold it is, and how I can't wait for summer?
    I'm with ya' on this. I got back to the trailerpark at around 8pm and had to throw on my BSU hoodie cuz I was cold.

    I did a very short 40 min ride out at Military Reserve. Ran into CBro and tagged along with him for a bit and then finished up by doing an out-and-back on the Mtn. Cove Trail before heading back to Fort Boise and loading up. It was a pretty pleasant night IMNSHO. If I was gonna be out for any longer though, I would at least want either a light jacket or some arm warmers. I'm an island boy...me and anything below 60 degrees don't get along .

    Hope everyone got to ride tonight!

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    Was good to catch up with ole Hurtin-For-Certain, and glad you're getting out a little. It was a BEEYOOTIFUL night. I ended doing 2 and half M/R Barney laps. Just couldn't get enough of the cool temps and clean air.
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    I got out at 3:30 yesterday (was supposed to meet 98 at 5, but had childcare duties, so I rode early) and it was nice and toasty climbing up trails 5 and 6 to Devils Slide. A little cool on the downhill (and good lord the trails are loose and sketchy right now!) but I didn't need a jacket, arm warmers or nuthin more than the usual shorts and jersey. (However, my body temp runs abnormally warm, so high 50's to mid 60's is when I'm most comfortable riding.)

    That said, I'm super bummin' that it's getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. I can feel the SAD creeping in already. Where did the summer go?

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    ALRIGHT! Cold nights! Short days! Deep sand in the trails! Blinding sunsets! No snow in the mountains! Impending muddy trails! Ipending inversions! Death and mayhem! Polar bears! Coyotes! Global climate change Whining MTBR posters! I love the changing of the seasons.
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    Don't forget cats sleeping with dogs,

    sodomy laws in Idaho, and the one-finger hokey-pokey, and the rough hand on the shoulder.
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