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    4000' of buff single track

    Rode from Teton Canyon to the summit of Grand Targhee yesterday. Up Mill Creek to the new cutoff trail which takes you to the base of Targhee. Then up Sidewinder to the summit. A little mud below Mary's, but other than that it's 4000' of buff single track. Get it while you can.

    And thanks to the Targhee trail crew for the new cutoff trail. Sweet!

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    That's great. Good job! I know it's been a project for you. Did the Chili-dog go too?

    Looks like this weekend might be it for Teton trails.

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    If there are no pictures did it really happen? Do it again and take your camera so us flatlanders can enjoy the view!
    Ride the bike.

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    I'm pretty sure it happened, but sometimes I do get confused. Pictures might help separate my fantasy and reality lives.

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    Deadwood Ridge trail

    my apologies to the OP for this redirection of his intent, but this seems like the perfect place for this...

    its been awhile since I posted any "real" biking content and since I've managed to raise the kackles of some of the viewers of this forum recently, I thought I would regurgitate one of my most prized bc rides within a couple hours of Boise that happens to have 4000 feet of drop between top and bottom with lots of xc in between.

    twenty plus miles overall: 14 of buffed moto trail (019) out the ridge to Deadwood river campground and 10 miles of fast forest road (510 and 503) for Earthpiggy to get to the moto trail.

    leave a car at Deadwood River campground (3700 feet) between Garden Valley and Lowman. drive 5 miles to Lowman. turn left (onto road 582) and drive 15+ miles north up Clear creek to Bear Valley summit. turn left and drive west on road 510 for 3 miles and park on the divide at 7700 feet. 30-45 or so minutes from your first car depending on what and how you're driving.

    ride starts with a fast 4 mile descent into Whitehawk Basin on road 510 to the No Man creek road (503 and big intersection), and another fast two miles of desent south on 503 to the bridge crossing Whitehawk creek. Then 1 3/4 miles up and over the low divide between No Man and Whitehawk and down another fast two miles to the trail head. these 10 miles of road happen fast. you pick up the trail at 6265 feet.

    from here your high point will be 6800 feet with a 3100 foot descent the last 5 miles into the campground and your cold beer and dogs. don't turn right onto the Julie creek trail 5 miles in. stay left at any junctions.

    it might be too late to do the ride this year, but you never know what mudda' nature will throw at us. expect to see a big (gulp...) elk camp at the trailhead with lots of horsies and hot coffee. No Man creek road's closed, but I think they drive their gear in before it closes. prostrate yourself before these folks as not to get shot, swill some quick hot coffee and head down the single track to your first and only real creek ford of No Man creek...

    I've never heard anyone else talk about this ride except for Old Man Riding and he hadn't ridden it at the time, but I'm sure others have had the good fortune to have ridden it, especially moto riders who bike. it's baby a$$ buffed thanks to the motos and pretty tame in it's climbs, with some nice exposure about ten miles in. guarantee you will reach climax sometime during the day...if not, call 1-800-any-time when you get home.
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