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    Wheelset Questions ?

    Hi ya'll,
    Right now I have a pair of Transition 32 wheels on my Ibis. It's in freeride mode right now, and I'm changing it over to High School XC racing mode. What wheelset's should I be looking at? My price range is around $400-500. The front hub would have to be a 20mm and the rear is a QR, but with the option of a conversion to a 12 mm axle (for the future Mojo HD)

    I need all the help I can get, and a honest opinion so I don't break the bank, and hopefully win some races. Thanks

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    I would go with Hope Pro2 hubs. They have tons of options to be converted to, are fairly light, price is right, and available in colors if that makes a difference. Converting the rear to 12mm with Maxle lite does have some problems, so look into that before converting to 12mm. There is a post in the Ibis section about them, probably 2 months old as of now.

    I'm a fan of Stans rims, so I'd recommend the Arch or maybe one of the new Crest/Alpine ones. I don't know much about those 2 though. If you want a burlier rim you can just throw on a future HD get the Flow rims.

    If you find yourself with a larger budget get Hadley hubs.

    PS, delete your 5 other threads

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    Stans Crests with Hope II hubs ~ 1600g with dt comp spokes and ~ 1500g with dt revo spokes (with tape and valves). Nice XC wheels that can convert to anything - bit light for an HD though (love Flows for that)

    Just had Chad at Red Barn Bicycles build me up a set of Hadley/Flows for my new HD - highly recommend him if you need a wheelbuilder.

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    +1 Hadleys if you can, Hopes if you must. And go ahead and get them with the 10mm thru bolt setup....will tighten up the rear end of your bike nicely... you can match that up with a Hadley 10mm bolt (which is included with their hubs, but not the quickest mid-race wheel changes since an allen wrench is required), or DT 10mm ratchet for tool-less operation, but then you're spending $70 for a QR alone..... we're probably blowing your budget right from the start....
    Check out NoTubes prebuilt wheel options too.
    If you plan to train on your existing wheels, you could go pretty light on your race set with Stan's Crest, or even Alpine....but I'd stick with Crest.... if you're gonna put lots of miles both training and racing then Arch is probably a better choice....still pretty light too, but more stout.

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    I'm very happy with notubes, have had several wheelsets from them and currently use their Crest rims with Hope pro2 hubs for my SL. I have no doubt that Hadley hubs are great and would love to have a set some day but talking budget here, I would recomend looking into the notubes ZTR hubs to keep you within your budget. You can get a new in-stock wheelset for under $500.00 easy through Notubes or speedgoat. Anyone have any experience with these? I have a riding buddy who is running a set with their standard front hub and QR15 setup with no issues. Their HD hub has the 20mm option. I'll want to look into these myself for my next purchase.

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    I'm kind of in the same boat I guess with a similar budget. The stock wheels seem fine, but I'm interested in something a bit lighter with tubeless compatibility.

    Here's what I've narrowed it down to...

    1. Stan's Hubs/Flows

    2. Sun Ringle Charger pro (reviews are great but no one seems to run these)

    3. Hopes/Flows

    The hub noise on the hopes is a big deterrent for me but they seem to have developed a good reputation for reliability.

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    I'm finding the HopePro2/Stan's355 set that came direct from the Hope factory are holding up surprisingly well, especially considering they were $350 shipped to the US. I got them as a backup wheelset so didn't want to spend a fortune, but so far, so good. They do a Pro2/Flow version as well if you're harder on equipment, and would probably be a better match for the HD depending on your weight & riding style. Being able to convert the hubs to any standard (especially when new 'standards' are coming fast & furious) is a really nice feature.

    Personally I like the "angry bees" sound of the Pro2's: lets people know I'm coming! Think of it as a very, very quiet version of the Ducati roar. It's the sound of air tearing.
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