Thoughts on the S35 i9 carbon wheels?-
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    Thoughts on the S35 i9 carbon wheels?

    Wondering if anyone has them? Are they loud? Debating whether they are worth the $1100 upgrade on a new bike or if there is something lighter to look into for around the same price?'

    I don't ride really chunky trails. Mostly rock gardens, loose tracks, and I'm only 150lb. Was thinking of making the Ripley out to be more of an XC bike and checking out Zipp Moto wheels with a medium casing, medium compound fast rolling set of tires might be the killer setup.....any other recommendations?

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    I would say if youíre 150lbs, and donít plan on gaining weight in the future, there are lighter options that will fit your need better. Especially if you consider yourself an XC guy and not a trail/enduro guy.

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    Get the S28s if you want Ibis Carbon.

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    I have 2 sets of the I9 Hydra Hubs with S35 rims for 2.6Ē wide tires. 1 is a bit louder while the other one is quieter. Both are NOT as loud as the older I9 torch hubs though.
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    They are pretty loud. It can be kind of nice, because hikers usually hear me coming without a bell. Supposedly you can pack some more grease in them if you want to quiet them down a bit. It looked like they came with a pretty light coating, so I might have to try that at some point.

    I think the S28 would be a better rim option for a lighter, XC/Trail build. The 35mm internal on the S35 seems a little wider you'd want for modern 2.3-2.6" XC tires and might expose the sidewalls or square off the tread a little too much especially at the smaller end of that range. The 28.6mm width of the S28s is a little more comparable to the Zipp rims you're considering, but the S28s are about 160g lighter per rim than the Zipps and 40g lighter than the S35s. The S35 might be a better option if you want to run larger 2.5-2.8" tires.

    The Zipps should be the a little more compliant, but you pay a pretty hefty weight penalty for that and they're probably overkill for the type of riding you're describing. My S28s don't feel overly stiff or harsh at all, although I am running them on a 170/160mm bike with really good suspension.

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