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    Talas 36 RC2 Settings: Lower PSI?

    Iíve been trying to set up my 2010 Talas 36 RC2s on my SL for almost a year now. These forks have a lot of stiction which, in my opinion, nullifies a lot of the dampening adjustments on the FIT damper. The best things I have done to reduce stiction was to replace the stock forks seal with Enduros and use LOTS of stanchion lube. I was also running the minimum recommended air pressure at 45 PSI. But the forks still felt way over sprung compared to the coiled springs on the motocross bikes I used to race. Lately I have been experimenting with lower than recommended fork preload settings at between 35 and 40 PSI. Reducing preload has made the biggest improvement yet. I donít think I could run this low of a pressure with the stock seals as there would not be enough preload to overcome the stiction (on rebound). I am 6í5 and weigh 190lbs (86KG) and ride in very very rocky terrain with a few small jumps and a couple 5 foot drops. The front end now tracks much better in the corners and is much more stable in high speed chop. Reducing preload meant I had to add high speed compression for the big hits, increase low speed compression to reduce fork dive and reduce rebound dampening to make up for less preload. The internal bottom out setting continues to prevent me from completely bottoming out the fork but at least I am now using all but the last 10mm of travel. Here are my most recent settings:

    Low speed compression: 15 clicks to compensate for less preload

    High speed compression: 8 clicks

    Rebound: 5 clicks from open. I was running 9 clicks with my preload set at 50 PSI.

    Has anybody else tried running less that 45 PSI in their Talas 36s?

    BTW, these forks will be going go on my new and way back ordered XL matte clear HD.

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    I've only ridden my 36 Talas RC2 for one full weekend at Killington on a Mojo (I just bought ecibis's bike). I'm 140 lb 5'10" on a large.

    I agree the stiction is bad. I'm glad to hear the enduro seals help. I haven't gone below 45psi yet but I think I will try that the next time I go out.

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