• 09-22-2019
    Ripmo/Ripley4 internal cable routing: greasing outer gear cable and brake housing?
    I'm about to replace the brake and cable housing on my Ripmo, and noticed that the current housing (in particular the shift cable housing) seems to have almost seized inside the moulded cable channels due to grit getting in, creating a lot of friction between the cable housing and the frame. I'm therefore considering applying some grease to the outside of the cable housing (after cleaning the moulded channels as best I can) when installing the new housing. Has anyone tried this?
  • 09-22-2019
    I noticed that issue too and did grease my housing the last time I put on new cables. I have yet to replace them again, so I canít say if it helped or not.
  • 09-22-2019
    I used a bit of soapy water to help get them out. Also took the crank off and cut the housing there. Only issue was in the chainstay.