• 08-02-2019
    Ripley LS shock tune or upgrade?
    My shock is leaking on my Ripley LS, and I'm thinking, while I'm getting it repaired, perhaps its time to get it tuned too.

    Any suggestions to to send the shock to for this?

    I find that if I set the air pressure high-enough that it doesn't noticeably bob while pedaling, I have a hard time using all of my travel. Also, in the firm setting the rear suspension still moves noticeably, particularly on a road climb. I'd like to firm up the firm setting and possible improve open mode pedaling and/or maybe I'm looking for less ramp up?
  • 08-06-2019
    Avalanche Downhill Racing

    Or get a different shock. Several people have mentioned a DPX2 being really good on the Ripley, caveat is you lose the ability to run large water bottles.
  • 08-06-2019
    After not hearing much here I did some research on places that perform suspension tuning (I used to got to PUSH but they are out of that line of work!)

    I settled on Fluid Focus, getting my shock boxed-up to ship to them now.

    Craig from Avalanche did get back to me, but he was up-front about his services not being a good fit for my particular issues. I really appreciated that.

    Stillwell Performance also looks good.

    Dirt Labs never responded to my inquiry.

    Those seem like all the options at the moment!
  • 08-06-2019
    Interested to know about your experience. Please tell me what they do and I might do exactly what you did.