Ripley eccentric cup binding when rotating-
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    Ripley eccentric cup binding when rotating

    Iíve got a Ripley LS V3. I broke down the rear suspension to clean and lube everything, even though itís got relatively low miles. After I cleaned and greased the eccentric cups and put them back together in the frame, I noticed when I rotate the top eccentric cup there is a binding. It gets pretty tight, but I can rotate the cup further and the binding decreases. If I continue to rotate the eccentric cup multiple times, the binding recurs, but happens at different points in the clockface. Anybody experience this? The bearings by themself seem to rotate pretty well. One bearing is a little gritty, but rotates OK. I took off the dust seal and packed with grease. Still the same binding over about 45 degrees of rotation when the cup is fully assembled and torqued to spec.

    The bottom eccentric cup rotates freely 360 degrees.

    Before I acquire the tools and bearings to replace the bearings and potentially have the frustration of the problem persisting. Iím wondering if anyone else has experienced this and found a solution.

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    So, Iíve pondered on your conundrum and I have a few questions before I attempt to answer what I believe is the problem...

    Did you noticed the ďbindingĒ before you disassembled the linkage or only after your reassembled the linkage after your cleaning?

    Also, did you confirm that you reassembled all the parts correctly and torque everything properly?

    If it were me I would double check my work first and confirm the error isnít user error. There is a chance that itís a manufactured defect but Ibis is fairly good at checking that kind of stuff before it ends up in a consumers hands. Also, those parts you are working on are fairly difficult to mess up by riding the bike. Iíve only run across abused And worn out bearings From riding, and a broken bolt form user error.

    Anyway, good question and best of luck in your repair.
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    Unfortunately, I did not try cycling the suspension before taking apart the eccentrics, after the rear shock/clevis was off. I took them apart and reassembled them several times to see if I could solve the issue. Same result. Torqued to spec at 8 Nm.

    I'm going to try replacing the bearings as it seems to be the only possible cause that I know of to change. The one bearing does feel a little gritty, but it doesn't have any binding. Because the bearings do not bind, I am suspicious that the bearings are not the problem, though. I don't know what else could be the issue unless the bearings are not seated fully or something, and this is magnified when the caps are torqued down to spec?

    Any tricks to getting the bearings out of the front triangle? The Ibis video shows using a hammer and screwdriver. It seems like they are going to be difficult to get out given they used Loctite 680 to put the bearings in.

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    Well, in the interest of posterity, it seems the problem was a bad bearing. I finally got the time to break down the bike and change the bearings. One of the bearings for the top eccentric that was binding was a little notchy. Replaced all 4 eccentric bearings with new bearings. I donít get the binding in the top eccentric like before. Iím a little surprised it was the bearing. I havenít ridden this bike near as much as I should have.

    If I spin that top eccentric 360 degrees multiple times, I do notice a very siight binding that happens randomly at different clock faces and for only a small degree of rotation. Definitely less than before though. Not sure what that is about. Maybe a ball bearing that is not totally round?

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