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    Recent purchase. Considering an Ibis? Oh, & a little health advice.

    Sorry this is long…I’ve got a little down time.

    OK, I felt the need to post here after I joined the community this past August with a new Mojo SL (economical SLX build with upgraded Talas fork and Elixir CR brakes).While still new to both the bike and the forum, I appreciate the insight after reading all the different points of view which helped me with my decisions. I also test rode a Mojo and that was the clincher. This is my attempt to give back and pass along some insight- particular to those considering a purchase, and also offer one very significant piece of information at the end. This is compiled from a few weeks of riding and also reading what was posted in this forum: First off the bike….

    •Ibis is a great product. I’ve surfed, snowboarded, skied, and even taught scuba diving for many years. Good equipment compliments each activity; sometimes exceptional equipment exists that vastly improves the activity. This seems to be a personal preference. For my riding style and the area I ride in the Mojo SL resides in the exceptional category. I learned this after I rode one for a couple of days (I tried 4 other bikes too). Why? I prefer the feeling of the carbon. The DW-link works great and I feel very little inefficient pedal bob, pro-pedal or not, compared to the others. Despite my build and rims/tires the bike is still really light which is fantastic for climbing. I might improve weight in the future. Descends like a dream.
    •The 150mm Talas was a good choice. Find your preferred fork set up. This might take a little tinkering. I appreciate the extra albeit small increase of travel over the 140mm on the descent with negligible effects on climbs.
    •After reading a bunch of info here. I switched to a 90mm stem. I tried a 100mm, 70mm (came with) and 50mm. 90mm Thomson feels more like what I am used to from my old bike. This might cost so $ to figure out. Thanks to the many who weighed in on that thread.
    •For an “exceptional” product. Ibis provides a great deal. I’m not an internet shopper. I bought mine from my LBS and feel like that increased the value do to the personal input offered by them.
    The forum…There is a lot of info and smart people on this forum I learned a great deal about my bike prior to purchase:
    •Ibis=customer service. Haven’t used it but trust it will be there.
    •Everything can break aluminum, carbon, components, human bodies, etc. Get over it.
    •The “my bike model/brand is better than yours” crap is worthless to read unless someone indicates why it is their preference. I appreciate those posts.
    •This is a great area to troubleshoot current and potential issues. Again, a MTB is a piece of equipment and sometimes issues arise. The chain lube post was another appreciated topic.
    •Most of the techno-mumble jumble on this forum is above my head. I just ride my bike and fix what I need. But, I like to keep an open mind an educate myself. The challenge can be useful.
    •The internet offers little credibility. I would check the opinions you read carefully.

    I’ll be looking to go with tubeless rims/wheelset next year and I’m sure I’ll will find valuable insight here. Will start post on that and read others.

    Lastly and most important, I’ve been sidelined from biking with a recent diagnosis of testicular cancer. I’ve been off my bike for a few weeks post surgery and treatment. A majority (or all) of the posts here are younger guys like myself. I encourage you to check in down there and not to ignore anything. Early detection is the cure. This is the most important part of this post and I hope it causes increased awareness. The rest is just my humble opinion on a great bike. Future post will be shorter. –good humorous videos and a link to a great foundation for more info.

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    Good job on the Mojo purchase. I'll look forward to your future input and questions.

    FWIW, I'll "pre-comment" on one thing you mentioned that's on your future upgrade radar.....tubeless wheel / tire setup... before buying new "tubeless compatible" wheels and tires, try setting yours up ghetto tubeless. It's simple, cheap, and the performance boost is noticeable.... the almost total elimination of flats is nice too.

    Great health advice. Best wishes to you while you fight the cancer!

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    I hope all works out well for you. I'm sure you'll be back on your new bike soon. Do you have any resources you would recommend on what a guy should be looking for when examining himself and what symptoms to watch out for?

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    best of luck man.

    my .02, ust > all
    note to self, do not read rider down forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2wheelsnotfour
    Do you have any resources you would recommend on what a guy should be looking for when examining himself and what symptoms to watch out for?
    of the OP link, there is this site with the info... wish it was right there on that comic site instead of stupid videos...

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    Hope you're up thrashing it all on the Ibis soon. In the meantime you should ping skookum, who usually hangs in the Washington forum... he's had testicular cancer and seems to have won after the usual time in the ring.
    "...Some local fiend had built it with his own three hands..."

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