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    Quick impressions: Ripmo + Carbon wheels + XR4/XR3

    Had my ripmo for a year now. Really love the bike overall, but the sad reality is that I ride more XC than enduro trails most of the time. Sure when I get it to the rowdier stuff it's great, but for my local NorCal stuff like Tamarancho or just the local Sutro loop in SF, the wheels and tires have been feeling like boat anchors.

    I wish I had the space for a more trail/XC bike (Ripley would be great!), but I live in SF, so 1 MTB is all I can swing. But I can find a place to cram in some extra wheels.

    I bought a pair of Light Bicycle AM927 wheels with the I9 101 hubs (lighter and cheaper than the hydra apparently?). After getting dizzy trying to figure out tires, decided to give the Bontrager XR4/XR3 combo a try in 29x2.4. Seated they measured up front and rear at 2.35. FYI, never had an easier mounting time in my life. Popped the tires on, and seated the bead with a road pump. Such a delight for both wheels.

    Did only one ride this weekend (tamarancho). Was noticeably quicker and lighter. I'm not the fastest rider so this probably says more about me than the tires, but I didn't feel like I gave up any traction. To be fair I'm not railing the turns and ripping on anything crazy.

    Front LB+XR4: 1760 grams
    Back LB+XR3 2020g

    Front Ibis Aluminum + Maxxis DHF: 2220g
    Back Ibis + Agressor: 2700g

    Losing >1.1 KG feels pretty good. Will keep the ibis/maxxis pair for burlier days. Wishing I had these on the bike 2 weeks ago when I did a 30 mile/5 hour look in Truckee. And can't wait to go ride some more.

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    I own 2 sets of LB carbon wheels. never had any issues with rims and customer service is great.

    glad your enjoying them. just got a ripmo recently and find it's a great do all bike.

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    I just received my Ripmo and immediately took of the DHR II and Aggressor in favor of the XR3 and XR4. I demod a Ripmo a few months ago with the Maxxis tires and the traction was great but it felt sluggish. Unfortunately I had a minor rim strike on my first ride and put a hole in the XR4 that can't be fixed so I'm back on the DHR II up front. I was running 18psi up front which I've now determined to be too low. I have the I9 305 carbon wheels and hydra hubs. I can't certainly tell the difference in rolling resistance and weight of the two tire set ups.

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    To someone who is riding slimy, technical, steep, rooty and rocky terrain (a kind of colder North Shore), it is certainly interresting to see that other people have completely polar opposite needs and preferences to tires :-)

    I haven't felt that carbon wheels have transformed any of the bikes I have tried them on. Definately more lightfooted, laterally stiffer and quicker, but not at all characterchanging or a must on natural trails. I am around 165 lbs/75kg, so a heavier aggressive rider with a taste for berms and park might feel differently.

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    I'm 200+ and find the carbon Ibis wheels make a huge difference. With them I can barrel into a rock garden with abandon, without the same line is sketch balls as the wheels are twisted and turned off my intended line.

    Whenever I hop on a bike w/o the Ibis carbon wheels, I need to back off a notch or I get to eat rock.

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    Since I changed 2 variables it's hard to say where the impact came from. The tires are so much faster rolling that all the difference in feel for me could be there.

    I 100% can see the value in stiffer wheels for some, but I also suspect that I'm too wimpy to wring anything out of them.

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