Pressure on stan's ztr flow rims-
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    Pressure on stan's ztr flow rims

    This warning refers to tubeless tires? Or tires w/ tubes ?
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    tube or no tubes, do you really plan on running over 38-40+ psi?

    You should be at half that on stans wheels and that super wide mutano I see ya have there

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    With or without tubes. Ride over 30 psi on your mtn bike? Go ride a road bike.

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    Max pressure for 'regular' 2.0-2.2 tires on stans rims, running with sealant and without tubes is 40psi, as documented in their FAQ.

    FAQ -

    In general tires that are designed for tubes can run at the pressure range printed on the sidewall - as long as they are used as designed, with tubes.

    Without tubes, its a good idea to keep the pressure below 35 to 40 - and then only for seating the bead during setup. If you run high pressure on regular tires with a tubeless setup, you are risking bead failure, and the tire might blow off the rim. Once that happens the bead can't be trusted anymore, new tire time.

    I think 25-27 psi is a good place to start with tubeless pressure. You may want more or less pressure depending on tire size, your weight, whether you're doing huge drops or high speed rock pounding, etc.

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    After many years, I've never had luck with non-tubeless tires at those lower pressures. I do run a lot of non-tubeless tires and prefer them despite this requirement. 33-35psi in the rear and 28-30psi in the front is what I've had success with when not running extra thick tubeless or wire bead tires. I'm probably 170lbs geared up. Less pressure feels great until I rip the tire off going around a corner aggressively or at the very least burp the tire and then pinchflat a massive hole in the tire later. The reason I run tubeless is because I can say that I have not had a tire failure on the trail in 3 years now. I focus on that as the main benefit.

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    Yeah FWIW I weigh 142 and run 2.4 size tires, so I can get away with lower pressures. At 20-22 lbs or so I'm risking pinch flats too.

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