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    Official: downtube mounted water bottle = BAD IDEA

    So I was minding my own business on my lunchtime loop yesterday, and reached down for a swig of my Ginseng Pomegranate Vitamin Water that I had stashed in the not-so-handy under-downtube bottle cage, only to find that there was something squishy caked all over my Mojo's taint (some of you may know it as the "bottom bracket area"). This was a somewhat alarming development. Turns out, that squishy something standing between me and antioxidant-hydrated bliss was none other than a veritable blanket of F-E-C-E-S. All over the downtube, all over the bottle, all over the crank arms. We're talking coated like icing on a $10 birthday cake. I choose to believe that the poop smear was canine in origin -- despite the fact that I've seen a dude who looks like Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazzard camping in the underbrush nearby -- but the question remains what manner of fell creature could have expunged such a prodigious scatalogical marvel? Great Dane? Mongolian Yak Dog? Not to get all Bilbo Baggins with the rhetoric, but my point is, there was a LOT of $hit, m'kay?

    The reason there are no photos is because I was too busy throwing up in my mouth.

    I've been a proponent of the token bottle cage mounts, a believer in the "just leave the CamelHump at home for the short rides," but I tell you, consider me converted.

    In other news, if y'all need any tips on washing out the crevices in your Lopes Link with anti-bacterial detergent, I'm your guy.
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    Must have been a bear, you got off light.

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    I just put water bottle in my jersey pocket for short rides. Does anyone else do this or does it drive you crazy?

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    I use a waist belt hydration pack that carries like 3/4 liter. Works great for short rides. Room for keys, phone, multi-tool and water - yet feels like it isn't there.

    "I must not be crazy because I'm seriously questioning my sanity"

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    i just bougt another mojo but the water bottle location allmost made me buy a diferent bike, i hate wearing a camelback but i love my mojo

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    That has happened to me at Fort Ord when the sheep are grazing, though I don't think it's as bad as you got it, not even close.

    I always wear my backpack. I feel naked and unsafe without it, like it's a piece of back armor. Even on short XC races I'll lug it around.

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    My Blur has mounts on both sides of the downtube. When I go for an Epic ride, I'll have a 3L camelback, and mini bottle in my pack, and two large water bottles of gatorade on the frame.

    Here's the trick- use the bottle that gets the tire splatter to top up the bottle on the other side of the tube. Don't drink from it!

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    Sheep poo takes down 161 mountain bikers:

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    the two fish quick cage works well. velcro on when you race or need it for a shorter ride and take off for camelback. boom.

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    I don't understand the complaint. You'd pay good money for that Happy Meal at MacDonalds

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