new-ish Ripley, squeaky shock-
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    new-ish Ripley, squeaky shock


    I have a relatively new (late August 2019) Ripley V4 GX that has been developing a very bizarre issue. About 20 minutes into a ride, my shock (Fox Float Performance DPS with EVOL - stock shock for the GX build) will start to squeak. The issue has been happening for a couple months now. The issue has been happening since November. It took me a long time to figure it out because the sound is about the same pitch as birds, so for a while I thought it was birds chirping. However, it has slowly been worsening, and now it is obvious that it is coming from the shock.

    The issue is bizarre. Like I mentioned, it takes about 15 minutes of riding to develop. However, the speaking will go away temporarily if I have a big hit on the shock, or if I pump the shock hard with my body weight. After, over the course of the ride, the squeaks will resume. I had a buddy help me out (I compressed the shock and he listened), and he feels extremely confident that the speak is coming from the shock and not from the pivots or other things in that general area of the bike.

    I took the bike to my local Ibis dealer (not where I purchased the bike because I moved recently), and they took the shock off the bike, applied some sort of grease to the stanchion, and inspected it (without rebuilding it). I would assume that in re installing the shock on the bike, the connections between the shock and the frame were re-greased. However, the issue still continues after they tested this.

    My working theory is that a seal or the wiper is drying out/losing grease throughout the ride as the shock warms up from actuating. A big hit on the shock pushes the stanchion deeper into the shock body, puling up some of the grease held deeper in the body, causing the squeaks to go away temporarily.

    What are my options here? Has anyone else seen this before? The nature of the squeak (very clean and high pitched, sounds like birds) would lead me to think it's coming from a dry seal rubbing, as opposed to metal on metal contact. This is just such a new bike, I can't imagine I would need to get a shock rebuilt this early into owning it. The nature of the squeak coming and going, especially with requiring a warm up period to start squeaking has made the issue very difficult to track down and fix. Any help would be appreciated!


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    warranty? talk to fox.

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    There’s a bunch of videos, it’s easy to pull the air can off and put some fox oil in there.

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    I am definitely mechanically inclined and wouldn't have an issue from the technical side in terms of disassembling the shock and re-greasing it. However, I feel that this should be unnecessary so early into the ownership of the shock - it is more or less brand new. Further, if there is some sort of issue requiring a warranty submission to fix, I don't want Fox to reject the warranty claim because I disassembled the shock. I think I'll just go ahead and submit the warranty claim for the shock and have Fox take a look at it. Seems like the easiest and cheapest way.

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