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    Mojo vs Pivot Mach 5

    I am looking for objective feedback about this comparison from people that HAVE RIDDEN BOTH bikes. Thank you all for your input!

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    There are 3 noticeable differences using the same fork and shock and same size frame. The Mach 5 has a more rearward seated position, more pedal clearance, and firmer suspension feel. These combine for a noticeable difference in handling feel. The Mach 5 feels longer fitting and shorter in travel although full travel is gained its not as smooth and plush over small and sharp hits as the Mojo.

    Although full travel is the same, the Mojo feels like it has nearly an inch more. The Mach 5 bob's less when doing a stand and pedal without acceleration. Using firmer Propedal with the Mojo can bring this standing pedal situation of bob down to a low amount.

    The Mach 5 has changed in spec to a higher volume air can I haven't ridden. It's reported to be more plush but still not as plush and compliant over rubble and sharper hits as the Mojo with small volume air can. Some of the small bump and sharp hit feel difference is probably due to the "damping" more progressive flex effect of carbon fiber vs. springier sharper feeling aluminum flex and the extraordinary stiffness of the Pivot frame very few frames of any design can compare to.

    The 1/2 inch higher BB and brings more pedal clearance with the Mach 5 with the same fork height. The Mach 5's more rearward tube centered seat position keeps rider weight as low as the Mojo and lofting the front tire is slightly easier. The Mojo seat position can be moved back an inch to a similar fit position and bring the rider even lower than the Mach 5 and then Mojo becomes more nimble handling.

    The lighter Mojo probably has the edge in long climbing ease, but the Mach 5 is no slouch and although a bit heavier it feels as quick. The Mojo's quickness and speed has smoother feedback.

    Try to demo both.

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    I demoed both 2 weeks back but with different forks and setup and size (M for Pivot and L for Mojo). The biggest difference I noticed was in the feel of the rear suspension. My thoughts were exactly as derby described. People make a big deal about lateral stiffness, and sure the lateral stiffness of the Pivot was better than the Mojo, but I do not notice this while riding. I have a Ventana now which is noted for its lateral stiffness but I can't really tell a difference when riding it or the Mojo. Personally, I believe that since almost any wheel will flex when you move it from side to side, the lateral stiffness of the frame isn't that big of a deal. But I know most disagree.

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    I was just in the market for a 5.5" bike and recently demoed these two bikes along with the Turner 5 Spot and an Intense Tracer VP.

    All were great bikes, but I ended up getting the Mach 5 because it just felt more comfortable to me. The medium size runs a little long, which fits me perfectly.

    derby hit the nail on the head when he described the two. The Mach 5 is definitely firmer. The one that I rode had the HV air can, but not the boost valve. I think that the HV air can has softened up the Mach 6 a bit, but it is definitely not as plush as the Mojo. I have read different things about the boost valve on the 2010 RP23. Chris Cocalis (ower of Pivot) seems to think that it adds a lot to Pivots.

    Here is a great article about the Chris Cocalis and the Mach 5 that also has a lot of info on the 2010 RP23 with the boost valve:

    The Mojo is more plush and felt like it had more travel than the Mach 5. I knew that I was using up the all of the shock on the Mojo. When I got off of the Mach 5, I was surprised to see that I was using all of it all also - it felt more like I was only getting 4" of travel out of it.

    The headtube on the Mach 5 is much shorter than that on the Mojo. Plus, it has a zero stack headset which makes the front sit even lower. This definitley gives the Mach 5 a more cross-country oriented cockpit. This also allows you to easily run a 150 fork and not upset its geometry.

    I was faster on the Mojo going down fast, steep, rocky trails. I did not have to choose my line a carefully and I was able to bomb down a lot more stuff on the Mojo than on the Pivot. Both were similar on the flats, but I would give the edge to the Pivot as it felt like it really leaped forward when you wanted to get on it. It really likes to go fast. I felt that the Mach 5 climbed better both in and out of the saddle. The Mach 5 is definitley stiffer, but the flex on the Mojo was never a concern.

    If the Mojo had fit me a bit better, I may have gone with it as it did everything extremely well. I would have really liked to have saved the weight. In the end though, the Mach 5 complimented my body size and riding style better so I went with it. I really could not have made a bad choice out of any of the four bikes, to tell you the truth.

    Not sure if that was any help, but that is what I experienced in my layman's terms.
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    I completely echo the previous comments re firmness of the Mach-5. The Mach-5 feels like it has less travel than it actually has, whereas the Mojo, imho, feels like it has more travel than it really does. I think this is pretty universal for Pivots as the Firebird I demoed felt close to the Mojo in percieved travel even though it is a 6.75" bike. Overall I think it can make the decision difficult because it means there are tradeoffs to both bikes. I can see someone who really wants to hammer on the pedals out of the saddle loving the accelleration and feel of the Mach 5's. However, the flip side is the Mach 5 simply doesn't have the unstoppable bottomless feel that the Mojo has on descents. You can't really go wrong, but the two bikes are definitely different.

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    I demo'd the Pivot twice: first with the small air can RP23, then with the large air can RP23. I demo'd it back to back with the Mojo SL.

    I have to agree with the above. If you are looking for plush, stay away from the Pivot. The thing is a rocket--like a long travel cross-country race bike. It never felt as though it had nearly as much travel as a Mojo.

    The Pivot frames are relatively heavy (about 1.5 lbs heavier than a Mojo SL) with super firm suspension action. Great bike, but not what I was looking for so I bought a Mojo.

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    Great info from all..I'm looking as well for a carbon frame....anybody ride the Santa Cruz Blur carbon frame?....
    Just ride and quit bit$hin.......Yeti SB5+..SIR9 SS...CD Synapse DA...

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