Help on direct mount FD for hd!!!-
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    Help on direct mount FD for hd!!!

    Ok. So I would like to use most of the parts that came from my old mojo, except now I guess I'm going to purchase a new front derailleur. My question is which one would work on a 2x10 setup. 24-36-bash is what I currently have. I heard, that the sram XO would be perfect, but I would like to keep it shimano. Any suggestions between the SLX, XT, and XTR?
    With the 24-36-bash, I heard some of those FD will not work? Someone please explain....trying to get my FD before my frame gets here....

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    My first suggestion would be X0. I have it and it is awesome. Very smooth and quick. If you want Shimano though then of course XTR is best bet, then XT.

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    First I will say this, I am a long time user (10 years) of XTR components. Last year I switched to SRAM XX for the 10 speed, but still used XTR FD as I think it shifted better. When getting my HD with the direct mount FD, I again wanted to stay with an XTR FD. It was recommended by Avi at Wrench Science and Ibis that you use X0 FD for suspension clearance issues. All the Shimano FD's, except for SLX model, are supposed to have limited chain clearance at full suspension compression. I went with the X0 recommendation and it shifts fantastic, no matter where in the suspension range and no matter what cog in the rear you are in, it shifts awesome. From experience, I would go with the X0.

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    Hello Bayareaflip,
    Tom from Ibis posting. When using a triple crank (even if you set it up 24/36/bash ring), any of the Shimano 3x10 high direct mount front derailleurs will work - specifically SLX: FD-M661D, XT: FD-M781D, XTR: FD-M981D. Since you'll still need to position the derailleur off the big ring (the bashguard in this case), you shouldn't run into any compatibility issues.

    Take Care,

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    Thanks Tom, and for everyone that responded! I'm looking at the SLX, and XTR but since my rear derailleur is XTR...I'm more likely going for the XTR's. Now time to search for a good deal!
    By the way, from what I was told, small matte frame won't be here til maybe next week....kinda bummed out.....but hey, good things come for those who wait...right?

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