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Thread: HD5 tuning

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    HD5 tuning

    OK, so I have the X2 shock and they all have traction tune. I got the sag where I want it and then did the base tune according to the HD5 setup sheet. With those settings ( everything around 20 clicks out from closed ), the bike is pretty much a pogo stick.

    For me, I had to set the rebounds to about 10 - 12 clicks out just to keep the bike from wanting to jump off the ground on it's own.

    Compression I will play with when I can really test ride and see what travel I'm using up.

    what are you finding and setting?

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    I had to put about 10 clicks of Rebound damping from open to keep my HD5 X2 from pogoing, and I usually use about 1-2 clicks from open on all my other shocks I've used (I weigh 150 geared all up). Still working on the Compression, but I'm starting at open (or close) and it seems ok so far. Only a couple of mellow rides so far though.
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